Understanding Software Development

Software Development; a Mainstay of 21st-Century Life

Without software or software developers, today’s global technology-based civilization would likely cease to function within 24 hours or less. In recent years, mankind’s increasing reliance on computers, software, and digitalization has made the field of software development all but indispensable to modern life.

With this in mind, this blog aims to make sense of software development for less technically inclined readers. In hopes of elucidating a subject that is often misunderstood, this site provides detailed explanations, written in accessible, everyday language, of what exactly software developers do and why their work is so vital to 21st-century civilization.

The Power of Software

22 May 2022

Every part of our daily life is undoubtedly impacted by software, and this will increase as technology evolves. Living without access to the internet would be unthinkable to the vast majority of the world's population. And for those who are interested, the creation of software is now much easier today.

What is the Role of a Software Developer?

14 Apr 2022

Software development is an intriguing career and encompasses many roles. Their primary task is to build software from the ground up to fill a need as specified by a business. Then, they need to design, install and test the software to ensure it is fit for its purpose.

Different Types of Software

4 Mar 2022

The three primary types of software that are necessary to run a computer are system, utility and application. System software includes the operating system such as Windows or Android. Utility software performs specific tasks in the background, including security. Application software powers everything else, such as word processors or web browsers.